changes - journey / dmcq

Casa Del Rio

Calle Malaga
Alozaina 29567

11 october, 2019 to 11 january, 2020 and beyond


changes - journey, is a flux exhibition of abstract works by the artist dmcq.

The exhibition consists of a selection of oil, acrylic and mixed media works produced between 2013 and the present. The journey and changes to it is an exploration through these mediums and through the geographical and musical landscapes inspiring the works.

Themes of rhythm, dance and movement, tranquillity, reflection and presence are all explored as the paintings flow through a world of abstractness. Throughout, colour and shape are abundant.  Shades cross, textures drag while colours overlap and merge, creating forms, occupying the surrounding space.

The works are never planned, they are in the moment. The paints are applied to the canvas with palette knives and
 found objects, often painted on the floor, on the horizontal plane, grounded. The resulting shapes and colour illuminate and captivate the imagination. Their abstract and what may seem, chaotic nature, unveiling a colourful play stretching into their titles. While somewhat whimsical, are more metaphorical of reflection, amorphous quotation and conversation.

In the end,one sees what one wants to see, the formless nature of the works, flirting with colour, alive in their space. In the eyes of the beholder.

Eventually, all is ... a journey … and it changes

accompanying the opening is an electronic soundscape, tempesity, produced by apollo59 and directly re-interpreted via the eclectic resonances of anunusualleopard.

the journey changes and will be in flux  each month over its duration through colour, sound, installation and being.






all images © dmcq 2019